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May 25, 2020 Bedding Ideas

12 Better Homes and Gardens Bedding Collections

They are also ideal for whole year. Yes it is true that, at least in summer, satin is an ideal material, since it is cooler, and in winter flannel keeps temperature much better. As we mentioned before, quality when choosing clothes in your bed should be one of factors to take into account when deciding on one product or another. And is that your rest and degree of comfort that you enjoy on your bed depend a lot on this factor. Our advice: choose natural materials and if it can be 100% cotton; better.

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Color is another factor that will most likely influence your decision. Here we must take into account other sections, such as style of your bedroom, tones of rest of elements of space, your tastes… colors or live prints add dynamism to rooms and create bedroom a more interesting place. On other hand, do not forget that light and neutral tones provide a greater effect of relationship and visual rest.

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Today we show you how to select your better homes and gardens bedding! We returned one more week to appointment with our blog with a post that we hope will be quite helpful. Bedroom should be a place of tranquility and rest, since within it we spend more than a third of our lives. Choose your bedding well! Most important aspects that you should consider in this regard are type of fabric and season of year in which you are. For example, cotton sheets stand out for their softness and will make your rest more pleasant.

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