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November 13, 2018 Bedding Ideas

Always Pretty Light Pink Bed Set

Baby pink comforter set,

In this one we will focus on pink children’s bedrooms, which in end is what 90% of girls ask for. We recommend decorating children’s room, both in general and especially in case you use pink tones, so not too childish, as children grow fast and as you turn around you will have to change room with consequent cost.

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Opt for a more neutral decoration (for example, use stripes instead of drawings, texts instead of borders of teddy bears) or choose combine it with other materials and darker colors, such as with slate paint, which at a given moment allows to erase painted and used as a normal wall).

There is no consensus among those who think it is by culture or those who say that it is”standard” in genes, but it seems that girls, especially young, tend to be unfailingly attracted to pink tones, no matter how many their parents insist otherwise. There are always girls who prefer to play with light pink bed set. And for them there are also ideas to decorate children’s room that go out of usual norm without falling into usual chicazo room, but we will leave them for another post.

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