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May 25, 2020 Bedding Design

Cleaning Old Max Studio Bedding

Rinse and dry, refill the basin. Rinse soap and sodium borate from linen by gently agitating it in hand in the bowl with lukewarm water. Remove from the water and press it to remove water. Do not twist water out. Pick up linen in an absorbent towel and press towel to pull some of the water from the linen. Place linen outside in the sun, flat on the grass. If it is not a sunny day, wipe it on a plastic laundry rack or one that is covered in vinyl.

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Fill a plastic basin with an amount of hot water enough to soak your linen. Add 1 tbsp. Add detergents to an amount in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Put linen in the water. Stir it easily with your hand every hour or so for 5 to 6 hours. If your goods are heavily soiled, leave them soft for one day. Remove linen from the water.

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It’s possible to receive max studio bedding that has been passed through generations or you can enjoy them so much that you collect them from property sales and antique stores. Over time, bedding can have gathered spots and discoloration. When cleaning old linen, take precautions to avoid damaging the subject during the process. If stains back after repeating the process several times, accept them as part of the charm of linen that endured the times

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