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Galaxy Bed Set Queen Themed

Think of the space themed bedding, walls and ceiling as a space without limits. Employing the age of bedroom occupants as a guide, choose paint in an suitable shade of blue deep space or a more appropriate color, but still fitting: midnight-dark blue sky for a preadolescent or blue-gray steel teen-d for a 7-to-10-year-old or light colored gray-blue for a child or a child who may fear a too-dark-colored room. Dotted painted surfaces of yellow and white glow-in-the-dark stars, planets and meteor showers.

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For a kid, a galaxy bed set queen themed for bedroom is more than just the ideal paint color or flashy licensed accessories; it’s an imaginary journey through outer space in its trusty ship. But how they decorate this interior space can be different depending on the age of the child – and how they imagine the journey.

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Galaxies have black holes, not rolladen frilly or lace. Erase the earthen windows by mixing the blind or blind color with the color of the wall. For a child who prefers the captain to his spaceship from above or below the galaxy quilt, paint the walls in gray cockpit-silver and include window coverings to match. Hang rows of a planetary work around the bed as a windshield in the cockpit. Or if you’re a do-it-yourself devotee, create wall- and-ceiling style windshield mural that overlook the cosmic extraterrestrial landscape.

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