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Harmonizes with the rest of tonalities. If your bedroom is finished in wood and walls beige, broken white etc.. Use the gray if your bedroom is more modern style and is composed with these tonalities. Some of the piece of the bed can have some color, it is not necessary that everything is white. To make reference to these, the cushions are white, but decorated with a brown profile. They seem silly, but it is these little details that make the whole attractive.

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Softball bedding set – The bed is the main protagonist of your bedroom, mainly because it is the biggest piece and, therefore, the one that can be seen the most. In addition, today these rooms are constructed increasingly smaller so we do not have many alternatives when it comes to decorating. If it’s your case, be careful! Your bedroom can become dull without a well presented bed. The bed is another decorative object which you have to fix and decorate if you would like to produce a good impression to your potential clients.

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Choose fabrics appropriate to the season of the year in which you are. If you are selling your house in winter, choose thick fabrics. If, instead, you sell your house in summer, use fabrics with light textures. Never use fabrics with shrill colors, exaggerated prints or very dark colors. The dark colors reduce space to the rooms, the clear ones contribute luminosity. In addition, light colors give a greater sense of hygiene.

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