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Royal Blue Bed Set

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May 23, 2020 Bedding Set

Platform Bed Set Ideas

Selecting a platform bed set is a fantastic alternative to the conventional metal frame-style bed. While the general look of a platform bed tend to be easier, or minimalist, insertion of accessories, like linking a headboard, jazz could be somewhat up

Put headrests and mark for positioning of drill holes. In the event the headboard is full dimensions, trim your thighs to fit. Measure and trim if needed. Brand for boreholes and live all of the way through the mind bone . Connect the headboard into the platform bed frame. Twist the headboard throughout the transfer bolts and place it against the bedside framework. Push a tension disk through the brace bolt and twist a nut. Tighten, with a wrench.

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Mark and live the mounting holes onto the bedside framework. If your bed has a box frame, slip a prop bolt through the hole and secure from the inside with a nut and washer. If the bed has legs, then screw a friction bolt to each hole and then twist until it’s tight.

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