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Purple Baby Bedding Sets Design

Commercial purple baby bedding sets are often expensive and when you buy them, you are limited to available designs and styles. Sewing your own crib bumper, crib sheet and receiving blankets gives you control over size, fabric selection and design. None of these projects require more than basic sewing skills and everyone can be whipped up for a weekend.

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Cut elastic into four 9-inch pieces. Pin the center of a piece of elastic to the center stitch mat side of a corner of the sheet. Begin to sew in the middle of the elastic towards one end, pull the elastic as you walk. Sew from center to other end in the same way. Repeat on all four corners. When sewn, the elastic will pull the sheet corners and form a mounted sheet.

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Cut fabric to 68-by-45-inches. Cut an 8-inch square from each corner of the fabric. Place the fabric with it is correct, or brighter, upwards. Bring 8-inch edges back from cutting the square from one corner and pin. The brighter sides of the fabric should be together with the seam against the duller side. Repeat on all four corners and sew these stitches with a 1/4 inch seam. The result should be a mounted sheet shape without elastic in the corners.

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