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Relax and Escape Japanese Bed Set

The Japanese style is increasingly present in Western homes. It is a decoration that fits very well to the bedrooms, as they provide a very natural look that breathes calm and peace. You may apply it from the whole room or in smallish brushstrokes. Any bedroom that has Japan as inspiration, needs to have some visible element that directly relates the space with its muse. As an example, a tapestry with an oriental landscape is a good start. The Japanese bed set are an ideal refuge to relax and escape from worldly problems.

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They are sober and elegant, and adhere to the minimalist pattern of less is more. The open rooms with large windows are excellent for installing a Japanese bedroom. Let natural light invade the space to give it a fresh and cozy look. The earth colors have a excellent role, among the most used tones we have brown, beige, cream and black. It is possible to incorporate tiny accents in orange, blue, green and red in accessories and textiles.

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To pay for the floor, he uses a tatami mat, a Japanese material made of rice straw, ideal for walking barefoot on it. If you do not want to cover the entire floor with this specific material use only a huge mat. Pick a low bed, since furniture in Japanese culture is close to the ground. You are able to upload it on a pallet or on a platform if you do not like the feeling of sleeping stuck to the ground.

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